‘Encase’ Production of the envelope type long wallet 2018.05.10 |  English  | 

  As described from the name, this ‘Encase’ looks like an envelope, not only with the gentle design but also has the meaning of ‘enfolding things gently and keep your important belongings; your money and cards.

  How we create this characteristic is that we don’t use any metals. Of course we don’t use it to make the product thin, but we didn’t want your other belongings inside your bag to get damaged because of the metals.

Take a look inside the atelier. Our craftsmen and craftswomen are making the Encase.

They’re gluing the main back part, which you do before stitching.

This work isn’t easy; you need to glue flat carefully, so that the glue won’t get loose after drying.

After finishing the gluing, they start stitching each parts.

  Each craftsman handle each parts, if there’s a small difference between each parts, it’ll be a big difference after finishing the work. They have to go on very carefully but efficiently. They teach and raise each other day after day and keep the quality in their work.

  After stitching, they heat the iron and put a line. This makes the entire impression of the product more tighten. We Japanese call this “putting a Nenn”.

  Although we put these Nenns in the product, it’s not actually necessary as for the work. But we think these small works have an influence over its impression.

We’d be grateful if you feel our philosophy in the process of the work.

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