Customers from Abroad 2018.05.12 |  English  | 

  Many customers from abroad visits our shop these days. Most of them found our store during their trip, when they were going along the street. And thankfully, some even knew us through the website or sns and visited us.

  Higobashi, and Nakanoshima area (Osaka) where Munekawa runs, is a business district and has a long history at the same time. You can feel the exoticism from this district.

  There’s some large hotels here which you can visit easily from downtown of Osaka, or even Kyoto and Kobe. Because it’s accessible, I guess many tourists stay at these hotels.

  We believe that our principle ‘beautility as a tool (for daily life)’  would make people happy world wide, and we honestly want to make people happy. It would be an honor if a client felt something from our thoughts and actually visits us.

  We have staffs who can speak English in Munekawa, and also do shipping overseas. For more information, click “For international customers” here .

  Through trial and error, we’ll make products and the shop which many people would love all around the world.