‘BELL’ Hanging the keys 2018.05.13 |  English  | 

How do keep your keys? This is a new way to hold your house keys and car keys.

  We make fine leather products, and this bell shaped key case is also one of them. Take a look inside the atelier, he’s working at a part of the key case. Can you guess which part he’s working at?

  Many people wonder what this item is used for at a first look when they come to the shop. It is a unique shape in fact. When you place the keys inside,  it’s hard to tell what this is. Especially, we feel that clients from abroad have interests  with the shape and the beauty.

 There’s a button in the back side, and when you pull up the strap and buttoned it, the keys go inside. You can keep your keys compactly and easily. 

  When you push down the strap, you can use the keys directly like what you can see from the picture. But actually you don’t need to ‘push’ the strap. The keys come down with its own weight. 

  It looks like this before stitching the front and the back sides. Both sides aren’t separated, it’s just one piece of leather.

Stitching  the gusset with 20mm at the both width, it has enough space to put both house keys and even a remote key for cars.

If you liked it or have interests, please check out our website. We also sell at Etsy,  you can click the picture above and go to our Etsy page directly.


Thank you and have a nice day!