‘Undo’ series Production of the coin purse 2018.05.18 |  English  | 

Today we will show you our unique and high quality coin purse, the ‘Undo’ series.



  The first Undo is made with tanned leather inside, and the second Undo (we call this Undo2) has the same leather both inside and outside. Undo series has an eye-catching shape and beautiful colors, which is the reason for popularity in Munekawa’s lineup.

  You can check the coins very easily when you open the flap and catch the coins like the picture above. This is really useful when you’re in the front of a long line at a supermarket or a caffe and you’re in a hurry, you can take out the coins without any rush.

  Incidentally, few days ago I was in a line at a convenience store and trying to take out some coins from this coin purse, a man right behind me said ‘that one is very nice’.

Well yes,this is actually nice.

 This is how we make this product after cutting the leather to its unique shape. We use a gluing machine to attach the inside and outside part. The machine glues flat so that there won’t be any problems after attaching.


  After attached and well dried, it is sewn and we use the hardener to make it easy to scrape the edge. This process makes the edge more rounded and clean, it fits into your hand very well. Using the hardener, scrape it, organize with a sand paper, put the color, and finish it.

Just seeing only the round edge, it takes a lot of process until fishing. 

  If you’re looking for something as a gift and you still haven’t decided yet, check out Etsy. We have our shop page there, click the picture ‘Undo 2’ and you can open our shop page in Etsy. I’m sure it would be a wonderful gift. We also ship overseas, let us help your special gift.

It is an honor if you would liked it and thank you for reading.