‘Carriage’ An evolved money clip 2018.05.20 |  English  | 

This is the wallet you might never seen before. How do you carry your wallets? Inside your jacket’s inner pocket or pants pocket, or perhaps inside your bag.

  We recommend this wallet for people who put their wallets inside the hip pocket or front pocket. It’s the the pursuit of thinness.

  You might feel uncomfortable when you sit down when having a big wallet inside a pocket, this is designed this for those people.

  We’ve taken away the typical metallic parts, and put the leather covering parts instead, so that you can put in your bills without getting your pant damaged by the metallic parts.

  We’ve improved for the perfect size many times for sliding in and out your bills very easily. The space in the center let you push out the bills when using. And the point isn’t about just sliding out your bills. A card pocket in the side can hold about 20 cards. We didn’t make a specific card pocket like what you may have seen many times in a normal wallet, because when we pile the layers of card pockets, that actually makes the wallet thick and when you put your cards inside, it’ll swell up more. It’s because those type of wallet needs more pieces of leathers, and as a result, you might feel some pain using it.

  You can contain your cards seamlessly without getting the wallet thick. When you put it in your pocket, you don’t feel uncomfortable, the long you use, the more it will become one of your lifestyle.

  Every products we make, where the pieces overlaps or where the load applies, we stitch back three times so that the threads won’t get loose easily.  This process is all for the item to last long in the users hand.


  We also have a coin purse which you can use with the same color, it’ll be nice to have these two in your lifestyle. There’s another blog writing about the coin purse, check out the blog if you have interests. You can click the first picture above to jump to the blog page.

  We also sell at Etsy and we have our shop page there, click the second picture above(the one which written ‘Carriage’) and you can open our shop page in Etsy. We can ship overseas, looking forward to see you as our client!