‘Grip’ Feeling the softness and warmth of leather. 2018.05.25 |  English  | 

 ‘Don’t you want to fall in love at the first sight?’ in Japanese.

  Whenever you’re thinking of buying a new wallet or a bag, you might have an experience which you’ve already decided what kind of shape, materials, or brands you want. Maybe you sometimes don’t decide exactly what you want but when you come across with a perfect item that hits your heart, I can tell that it’ll be very exciting for you. 

  This coin purse ‘Grip’ is one of our lineup which a lot of people feel some kind of a big impulse in their heart. It fits in your hand with a round shape, kind of a small animal, made by a natural texture leather and a design with warmth. This product is swelled to the center and when you open, it’ll be three dimensional, so it has enough space for many coins comparing to other coin purses in the market; like a flat type or a horse-shoe type. 

  Using a soft material, it is flexible and fits into your hand naturally so you can hold and grip the coin purse like the picture above.

  Stitching two curved leather and flipping over makes the beautiful rounded shape to its design. And what I’ve written before, it has plenty of space inside so you can see the coins directly. You can also use this for putting in your keys or something small items.

  The craftspeople needs a good skill and patience when stitching the zip to the curved round piece. If they failed even a little bit at this process, the whole shape will be distorted.

  It is a simple design, but full with skills and ideas inside. For more information about this coin purse, please take contact us from Facebook or Instagram! (hope you’d like the pictures uploaded and follow us.) 

  Whenever you travel to Japan or Osaka, feel free to visit us and have a look inside our shop. You might find something that will hit your heart!