Finding your favorite color in the small item. 2018.05.26 |  English  | 

  One of our popular item, cable holder has arrived and been added in stock. Many people choose this item for themselves and also as a small gift. 

 When you put your earphones inside your bag and get tangled up, it’s very stressful for you and the wire might get damaged or snapped. Or perhaps if you have a long charging cable and you want to make it compact, this item is the one you were looking for.

  When you open, you can see a small loop inside which you can change the size of the ring. This loop works as a hook and prevents from dropping the holder accidentally. Some of you might have an experience of missing the holder inside your bag, or maybe have completely lost somewhere. The hook keeps the cable and the holder together while opening or closing the button.Surprisingly, these kind of cable holders with a stopper inside aren’t common in the market. Now you don’t need to be worry with such inconvenient and stressful problems. 

  Munekawa’s cable holder external piece is  made with Italian vegetable tanned leather, same as the other lineup. And the internal piece is a pig leather which is strong against a rub from the cable. Of course we use that pig leather also inside the loop, it’s where  the most load will come in, so that has much durability and last long. The more you use, the more you can feel our craftspeople spare no effort to create the details.

  Even inside these small items, it is full with our concept and know-how of manufacturing. We have several color lineups of this cable holder, you can find your own favorite one or selecting a nice color as a gift. Also a good idea for organizing some cables at home. Try to find your own new way to use this in your lifestyle!

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