Munekawa’s Father’s day gift 2018.06.01 |  English  | 


  Father’s day, a day to appreciate your father and show thankfulness with some message or items. How will people in foreign country spend their time at father’s day?

In Munekawa, we decided to make a special keyring with a dandy stamp on it. We’ve been making this shoehorn key ring without the stamp for a long time, but for father’s day we prepared a special edition.

Father’s day edition

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  In Japan, Father’s day is in June and I’ve read that many countries has Father’s day also in June. For peolpe who’s preparing or thinking of a gift for your father, this item would be a lovely gift. This item mainly works as a key ring,not too big or small, so it fits in your hand perfectly. You can use as a compact shoe horn, when you’re going out and you grab the keys, what you need to wear your shoes automatically comes with you.

  There’s no metal pieces inside, it’s very light and even when you put it in your pocket it doesn’t bother you.

  There are two different types of stamping, one is cutting out in a flat surface, and another is cutting out in a line. Both are the same designs, just the details are different.

  We sell these special stamped key rings at the store in Japan, but if any of you are thinking of purchasing the item, please let us know by sending an email at [ ]. You can choose the item from 10 colors; Black, Brown, Green, Blue, Red, Greige, Orange, Plain, Yellow and Purple. You can also choose from two different type of stamping, [type A] is cut out in a flat surface and [type B] is cut out in a line.

Please enjoy the colorful lineups, and I hope you would spend a wonderful time at father’s day.