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  How’s everyone doing these days?  Our shop and atelier are working hard for better hospitality and products quality and so on.

  Now, last month we did a Mothers day campaign and we could say that it was vey successful. Thankfully we don’t have any time to take a rest, this month we will do another special campaign.
  Yes, for Father’s day. I’m sure every dad will be happy if they receive any kinds of  gifts from their sons and daughters. Dads just don’t say it in words, but they’re actually feeling something.

  So, 17th July is Father’s day in Japan. How about in foreign countries? I’ve read that some countries have Father’s day in June as well.
  Why not give your dad something special to show respects and appreciation for whom working hard?
Or perhaps it doesn’t matter if it’s those celebrations or not, if you want to give your familiy a daily gift, that it also wonderful idea.

  At Munekawa, we always keep in mind to make the products that would fit in many kinds of ‘lifestyle’.

  Many of you and your family have a thing in daily life or lifestyles. Going to office by train, someone who like to drive, someone who has many chances to give their namecards, someone who wants to gather all in one place, something like that.

  I can imagine that many of you are living far from Japan, and might be hard to visit our shop. Buy if there’s anything we could help you with, please feel free to contact us by sending an email. We want our guest to be happy choosing our items.

  We can help you by sending some pictures(we’ll take whatever picture you are considering about the item) so that it’ll be easier for you to imagine how the item would be.

  For example, this is a key case which you can put your keys like a bell. Normally when you don’t use your key, you pull the strap and the keys go inside. And when you need it, you just release the strap and the key will come out with its own weight. If you usually have many keys or you have a lot of things in your hand, you might feel some stress to use a normal key case. But this product doesn’t need many movements, easy to access, and very compact.

If you are interested in our items like the key case above, check out our Etsy page(link in the photo above). We can ship overseas, so if your thinking something for you own or a present, have a look!  We hope that our items are useful all over the world.

Thanks for reading!