‘Bell’ An ideal item for a gift. 2018.06.05 |  English  | 

  From June, the rainy season will start soon in Japan. But today is like almost summer, hot and humid, we hope everyone doing well these days.

  As we announced before, we started taking reservation for the father’s day campaign key ring. Thankfully, many customers have some interest to this campaign, and already accepted a lot of orders. If you are reading this blog and thinking of a gift, don’t miss this chance to order our shoe horn key ring!

Limited edition of the shoe horn key ring for Father’s day campaign

Now at the atelier, the production of key case which is as much popular as the key holder, is in process. 

If you haven’t read our blog about this item,click here to jump the page.

 One of our familiar item, key case ‘Bell’.  

   Stitching the side parts to the main body part to make a gusset, you can put a bigger key than the normal one like for the cars. For the normal keys, you can put about five inside.

  Another feature is this strap which you actually attach the keys and fits inside the main part.

  When you pull up the strap and fasten the button, it keeps your keys compact and won’t get bulky or go here and there inside your bag. This is why this key case is popular in our lineup.

   We have two different types from this key case. Find your favorite one that will fit in your lifestyle.

  You can match the colors with different items, like this shoe horn key ring and the key case. It’s what you use often, and when it’s together this is very useful. How you match the colors would be wonderful gift to your family and your friends.

  Thank you for reading til the end, if you are interested in this key case check out our Etsy shop page. Click the picture above and you can go see it.