Coin purse with Cards ‘C&C’ to go chill out for a night walk 2018.06.08 |  English  | 

  It’s getting humid these days in Japan, and the rainy season is almost there. When it keeps raining, we might feel gloomy not just because our activities will be limited by the rain, but also the atmosphere.  But when the rain stops temporarily in the evening, it’s very comfortable to go outside.

  It’ll be very refreshing to chill out at these kind of times, like going for a coffee or go watch a late show. Many ways to spend your time at night.

  And when you have a chance to go out like in these situations, we recommend to bring this ‘coin case C&C’ with you.

  A coin purse with a card pocket on the back. It was originally made from the customer’s feedback;

‘too many  cards, not enough with the main wallet’, ‘want to have the cards separately to keep the wallet thin’. 

   It has two card pockets, we designed the size a bit big so that you can also put your name cards inside. It’s convenient to put your bills when you fold and put inside the pocket like the picture above.

  The more you use, the tightening will get calm, and changes naturally with the atmosphere. You can feel it fits perfectly in your hand.

  Keep your hands free, don’t need anything except this C&C. Jump outside with this small item in your pocket, get relief from the hot and  humid air from daytime.You can spend your relaxing night time.

  If you’re interested in this C&C, the colors, size, anything we can help you with,  please feel free to contact us.