Production of the coin purse ‘Hold’ 2018.06.09 |  English  | 

    Munekawa offers variety of items, and there is the ‘only’ product in ourselves.

    That is this coin purse ‘Hold’.

  Gives you impression of rounded shape for its characteristic, and is also the popular line from the coin purse.

  The point of this ‘only’ product in Munekawa is that this is made by hand stitching.

  Instead of machine stitching, it takes more time and work but the reason why we stick to hand stitching is simply to make its three dimentional figure.

  When you hold and push the side a little bit, the mouth opens widely and will be easy to see inside or taking out the coins. We sew with hands to make the thread tight and not to get it loosen. But if the thread snapped, it’s still easy to repair. It’s supposed to be designed for using long time.

  This coin purse ‘Hold’ is made from just one piece of leather. The less pieces to make one item, the less possibility of having problem when using. It is made to premise that this item avoids risk of malfunction by using and stitching minimum.

  We positively noticed about oil maintenance ‘to enjoy the aging of leathers’ for our customers who bought our products. But if this product didn’t have durability as a daily tool, it doesn’t have any meaning.

  Including the atmosphere and the texture of leather, and the leather item as a tool, we continuously try and error  to produce our new item.  We pursue to make our product full with specialties  and hope our guest can feel it through the products.