Thank you for ordering the Father’s day key holder ‘Grid’ 2018.06.10 |  English  | 

  We finished taking the first reservations of the Father’s day campaign key holder.

  Thankfully, we received many reservations through our websites, some came to see the actual item how the design and the stamps looks like. We hope it will be a wonderful gift for everyone.

  Like what I wrote before in the other blog, this time we made two different type of stamping, [type A] is cut out in a flat surface and [type B] is cut out in a line. 

  And we started to take the second reservations of this campaign from the day before yesterday. In Japan, the father’s day is on 17th June, we will send the item to the customer on 15th so that it will arrive in time.

  If you already have what to give but thinking of something one more, this would be just right.

 We also have a normal shoe horn key holder without the stamps, if you like it or have interests, Click the picture below and check out our Etsy page! 

  You might also find a nice item for your own!