Pen case ‘Arch Pen M’ Stationery for matured person 2018.06.11 |  English  | 

  We want to choose tightly what we use by ourselves. I feel the numbers of something that is truly necessary in our life is decreasing as we become an adult.


  That is why we want to be a professional in selecting our belongings. And I feel strongly that it is important and you can enjoy looking for your own item, in the society which you can get most of the things in low price .

  Now, the pen case ‘Arch Pen M’ has been produced at the atelier. Stationery might be just a word, but I feel something special and luxury atmosphere over the meanings.

   We make respectfully one by one, and we hope that when you bring your favorite stationery like normal pen or function pen in the pen case, that pen case itself would be a special item.

 We reduced the stitch as possible, and tried to figure out  how to express the design of smooth texture.

  You can put variety shapes of pen inside, and for the internal, to protect from friction and damp we used a pig skin.

  It is design compact to fit inside the jacket inner pocket, which is also one of the attraction of this item. Take out your pen and write. It would light up those movements that we won’t be consciousness.