Our brand new item pass case ‘tuck’ 2018.06.19 |  English  | 

  Continued from the latest update, let us introduce another new product added in our lineup.

  Our new card case ‘tuck‘.

  You can literally tuck anything like credit cards, IC cards, ID card and so on. It’ll be useful in various lifestyles, in any scenes.

  When you have many kinds of cards which you actuality need in your daily life you can tuck in these small items which it might have been troublesome when you put inside your bag or in a pocket directly in some cases.

  We produced by trial and error as we consider if we could make something useful.

  Let’s see how this card case looks like. There’s three independent pockets in the center, on the front and back side. .

  The main pocket with a button holds up to 10 cards which has general size and thickness. We also adjust the size to put name cards in.

  And another pocket on the back side. When you use a ticket for commuting, this pocket is easier to take out the tickets. We designed the pocket a bit shorter so the cards would expose about 15 mm outside.

  On the other hand, the pocket on the front side is for IC card that you don’t usually take out to use.
If you have a chance to use a contactless IC card, you can directly use it without taking the cards out.

 The way you use this depends on your lifestyle, you can put some band aids for an emergency or a bill for just in case.

  It differs to the users what to bring and what is actually necessary for them. We think this new item will fit into any lifestyles.


  Now, you can see our new items at our retail store,website and Etsy. If you have any interests about us or our products, please have a look from Etsy. Click the picture below and you can go to our Etsy page.

pass case ‘tuck’