Making new product in progress. 2018.6.25 |  English  | 

  Now it’s the rainy season in Japan, but yesterday and today was extremely sunny and was very humid. We’d be careful with the health management In order to welcome many people.

  We’ve  displayed our new products which we introduced in the blog few days ago.

pass holder ‘slice’

card case ‘tuck’

  Thankfully, some customers who had seen our blog came to see these new items and we’re glad to see they had interests in it. Already we had some orders of the pass holder ‘slice’ through online store, we hope they will like its functionality and simpleness.

And if you have some interests about our new products, you can see it in Etsy. Click the photo either slice or tuck, you can go to our Etsy store page. We’d be happy if you have a look inside.

  We are always welcome to everyone come to see the new items. ‘Tuck’ which fits in various lifestyles with a universal functionality and the ‘slice’ which is extremely simple and thin.

  Our craftspeople are making a new model of a bag while producing our normal line-up.
They’re considering to make a better design than now.

  We will do our best to create a completely new item, while keeping the atmosphere of Munekawa. Please look forward to see our new bag soon!