Munekawa’s Book Jacket 2018.6.26 |  English  | 

   When the sky is threatening or is actually raining most of the day in this season, a lot of people might spend their time indoors.

  At the atelier, production of the book jacket ‘Dress’ is in progress.

Book jacket ‘Dress’

  This product is configured from 2 parts, and adjustable to the width of the books by sliding it.


  First we start from cutting the leather with a mold. One of our craftspeople is stitching the internal and external pieces.

  We use a pig skin where the piece and the book touches directly. 

  Pig skins are not only strong to friction, but also strong to humidity and compatible with papers, therefore it’s an ideal material for book jackets.

  The thread stitched on the edge of the leather tend be loosen easily. We do reverse stitching to keep the thread tighten, so that people who enjoys reading many books and change to another book frequently, can use the item long without stress.

  Blue is a standard color in Munekawa, but might be a rare coloring for a book jacket.
You can use different colors depending on your feeling.

  When it keeps raining and feel gloomy, why not spend your time with a book and relax.


external dimension: 164 mm / internal dimension: 154 mm / width: 206~270 mm