Munekawa’s Day Off and Recommended Spot 2018.7.1 |  English  | 

  Hot weather continues in Higobashi and Nakanoshima area where our retail store runs, before the rainy season ends. We see many businessmen wearing short sleeve shirts.

  I went to a nice place called “Kaigen cafe” to eat a snow cone(we call this “kaki gori” in Japanese) the other day.


  To eat these snow corns is one of a tradition of Japanese culture in summer, you can see at a cafe or at a festival.
It used to be flavored with a simple syrup of strawberry, lemon or green tea but nowadays we can choose more widely or have been evolved to a new sweet foods.

  This “Kaigen cafe” is a Taiwnese cafe which you can also have Chinese spicy noodles with soy, so you can enjoy  full bodied and spicy flavor.


  There’s a lot of nice restaurants, cafe and tourist attractions in this area. At a regular day off last week, Munekawa staffs went to a science museum to enjoy our time together. There we could actually do some simple science experiments, and also enjoy watching the planetarium.

  It was very exciting, we think children and even adults can have fun there. 

  For lunch, we went to “Cafe SIK” which was calm and wonderfull place, we ate hamburgers and ethnic cuisine. When the staffs meet together and spend the day off, we can see the new side of each others even we meet almost everyday. We could say it was a great time for a day off.

  It would be still rainy, but summer is almost there. There are many nice restaurants and sightseeing spot which you can have fun in this Higobashi and Nakanoshima area, when you come nearby, why not visit and have fun and relax?

  Of course when you came nearby, feel free to visit Munekawa and check our leather products with beautiful colors and stitches. We have new items ‘Slice’ and ‘Tuck’ which was released the other day.

Card case ‘Tuck’

  You can actually touch it and feel the leather, designs and how thin these are.

Again, please feel free to visit us, and please have a wonderful time when you come to Osaka, Japan.