Where you can see our Key Case “Bell”. 2018.7.6 |  English  | 

  One of our familiar product in Munekawa, the key case “Bell”, has been handled at Fujimaki Department store which was originally an e-commerce and now operates retailers in Japan. Fujimaki department store sells selected items from all over Japan, some are traditional, some are unique items made in Japan and full with modern ideas of lifestyle. If you are looking for something traditional or something cool from Japan, it’s an idea to check what they sell.

  Now back to our key case, literally this item is for keys, but the keys have been changing its shape and size while diversity of the keys has been increased. For smart keys and key less systems for cars are much bigger than the normal keys. Our key case ” Bell” has enough capacities to put these keys inside, and bundle other small keys together compact. Not only the capacities, but also the natural texture of leather and the design are the reason for its popularity.

  It might be hard to tell what this is at a first look. The keys are inside at this state.

  The secret is the strap and button on the back side. The keys are attached to a ring which also is attached to the strap. When you pull the strap, the keys goes inside the case and you can stop the strap with the button. Most of the time when you don’t use your keys, you can keep it very compact. 

  And when you want to use your keys, take out like the picture above. Actually, you don’t need to “take out” the keys. When you released the strap, it’ll come down automatically  by its own weight. This design will be effective when you’re trying to open the door but have many things in your both hands.

  The beautiful color and the texture of Italian vegetable tanning leather. We have been expanding the place where you can see our products little by little, and we’re glad to have a chance to be more noticed to new customers. We hope that as many people as possible select our products and make their life more better. 

If you have interests in our key case Bell, click the picture above to go to Etsy shopping page. We are available to ship overseas, so check out our items!