Rushing to the Second Half of This Year 2018.07.07 |  English  | 

  Every end of the month we take inventory at both retail store and the atelier of our products and leathers.

  Get well organized and be prepared for the next coming month. This is not an easy work, but very important and indispensable to start a new month.

  The month has changed to July, and the weather forecast has announced that rainy season has past in east Japan.

  Nowadays it’s humid, muggy, sticky, uncomfortable…not enough expressions to describe how it’s hot in Japan, but when we see the sky so clear and bright, we feel much better than when it was in the rainy days.

  From July, we will run the retail store everyday, open 10:40 am until 7:00 pm. Freshly restarting, we’ll always do our best to make our products, and welcome our guests.

  At the atelier the craft people are now making our popular product, key case “Bell” which I’ve wrote about in another post right before.

Key case “Bell”

  (click the picture above to go check our items at Etsy!)

  Thankfully this key case is very popular in our line up, we are producing additionally. You can find this mainly in our retail store or at Etsy. Also we have one size smaller, key case “Bell S” which is for 2 or 3 keys.You can also find it at our store or at Etsy.

  As we introduced at the other post few days ago, the canvas and leather tote bag “Airy Tote” with red colored has arrived at our store. The impression has changed a lot with just the coloring of the leather. This is the only one colored Airy Tote, if you have a chance to visit Japan and Osaka feel free to come see our shop! 

We are looking forward to see you in the latter half of this year. Thank you.



Have interest about the items we wrote about today? Click down below to check these items at Etsy!

Key case “Bell” (regular size)

Key case “Bell” (smaller size)

Canvas and Leather Tote bag “Airy Tote”