Changing the display 2018.07.09 |  English  | 

  As we thought the rainy season will end at the moment, it’s raining very heavy again. Recently we feel the power of nature like earthquakes, rains, storms more than before.
  We change the display very often so that our customers can see our products and the store freshly whenever they come.
  We show our products in secluded room, it’s difficult to know about this display from outside. Maybe you can find your favorite item not just from the place you can see from outside, so please feel free to come inside.
  Today we will recommend this product, “card and coin C&C”.
  Right now the leather for card pocket would be plain color cow hide, but it will change to both coin pocket and card pocket using the same color.
 Currently we accept orders of both plain color for card pocket, and the same color for card and coin pocket. But the plain one would be finished after sold out. If you are considering about this item, please contact us by email and we could ship overseas. 
  Our crafts people at atelier are very busy working for the new products and the existing products.
  Now they are making the pass case “Slice” which was newly added in our line up. Thankfully many customers liked this product. We still have some stock at our store, and you can also order from online.
   Kenji MIyazawa, a Japanese famous writer / poets  left a poem about spirit of never giving up in “Amenimo Makezu”. We will open our store as always, never giving up from the disasters of nature. Please be careful when going out, and if you have a chance to come to Osaka, feel free to visit us.