Imagination, creating a product from a piece of leather 2018.07.13 |  English  | 

  At Munekawa, we make various products by die cutting from a big piece of leather.

  When we die cut the leathers, we use a metal mold which is called “TA-GA-NE” in Japanese. With this mold and a pressing machine “clicker” we cut the leathers in various shapes.

  We use different molds depending on each products and the processes in producing. For example, when you die cut a leather into 2 pieces which the front and the back side are attached together, first you cut in an outline and then use another mold for the exact size to cut. By this process, we can cut precisely both the front and the back side of the leather pieces without any gap.

  This mold is for the card case “Tuck”. 

  Before stitching looks like this. At first glance, it looks different from how it would be finished. But of course the functionality which this product has, is already created from this process.

    We designed two different single pockets for IC cards, when you don’t usually take out the card often, you can put in the front side  which covers all the way to the edge.

   And another single pocket for a card you sometimes want to take out. This side of the pocket is about 15 mm shorter than the card, it makes you easier to pick out or slide the card with your finger.

  Our products are made with various molds on the assumption that considered by various usability with millimeters.

  It is very important to use the leather without wasting, but sometimes it end up with some scraps. And at the end of thinking what we can do with these scraps we made a solution by making small goods; the rocking mouse. It’s just a small decoration which you can put on your desk, we give these rocking mouse to the customers who bought at our shop. When we give these to our customers it’s still a flat piece, our customers can make the shape by themselves.


  Imagination to create useful products in one’s life, ideas for using the material with less waste. These will be our motivation to create various products from a big piece of leather.


  If you are interested in the card case we wrote above, click here to go to Etsy shop page and you can check the products.

  We hope you like our brand and will have interests in what we make. Thank you.