Something Unnecessary Enriches Life 2018.07.14 |  English  | 

Bag, purse, card case, or pass case are something you might use every day. Some of these items are necessities in your daily life.

  “What we use everyday, we want to stick for selecting items that last long.”
  A lot of our customers have these in mind and thankfully they’ve selected us and are using the items for long as the texture of the leather changes.
  On the other hand, there’re some products in Munekawa which is not an essential item for a lot of people.
  When we go to a bank we still use a bank book to record the account activity. Most of the time when we make a bank book, the bank gives us a plastic case to put in, and most of the people use that. Something similar to this, if you don’t stick to a mouse pad and look for a cheeper one, you possibly can find more and spread your choices.
However, we think finding something inessential or finding something to stick with in your daily life would be the key to enjoy and enriches the life.
 We are pleasure to suggest the wonderful items from Munekawa, for those who felt something special from our products. We’re sure you can satisfy with the stitching which we stick to every detail to last long, and simple but well thought out design with functionality.
The long days of rain has finally finished and the sunlight came back to Osaka. We are opening our retail store everyday, feel free to visit us when you come nearby.