Our staff’s Item from Munekawa 2018.7.15 |  English  | 

  Our staffs are using the Munekawa products. We can feel the attractions of the products and leathers by actually using it.

Retail staff  Tanaka

  He’s one of our sales clerk at the retail store, and we asked him about how he feels using the items. 

  He’s using the envelope shape wallet “Encase” in orange, and the coin purse “Undo 2” in blue. He seems to prefer separating a wallet and a coin purse.

  You can both enjoy using the same color or combining different colors for the items. Let’s ask him how he feels from the items.

  “When you actually hold this or use this wallet, you can find out it’s very easy to take out the bills by sliding. Imagine you’re in a line at a cash register and want to finish it quickly, it’s very useful you can finish your payment very smooth.”

  It has enough space to put many cards and receipts inside and keeps very compact.

  The coin case Undo 2 has well changed to deeper color.
  “I use the small pocket on the front to put a bill inside, I need to fold a few times but still keeps it compact. It’s very useful  when going for shopping like convenience stores in short time.”

To separate the wallet and coin purse has an advantage of going outside with less belongings, by his daily plan. 

  He says it’s a great help that the wallet won’t be bulky inside his bag.

  “Usually I use this small bag to bring my wallet and the coin purse, these items are very compact so there’s enough space to put other things like my smartphone and mobile battery, what is necessary for me.”

A wallet would be something necessary you bring outside. When you take your wallet, it would be an advantage of putting inside many things, and won’t be bulky at any times.

  “When you actually use the items, you can feel it is made to be useful in our daily life. And I want to tell our customers about what I felt as an attractions.”


  Like what he says, Munekawa products are made to be as a useful tool in our daily life. Wallet, key case, card case, all the items are considered to fit in each lifestyles people have.

  Please feel free to visit our shop when you come nearby and have a look at our products.