Additionally Producing the Key Case 2018.07.16 |  English  | 

  Our craft people are working hard at the atelier in Daikoku-cho, Osaka.

  Key case “Bell” became more popular at our store, online and other dealers. The craft people were producing the key case additionally and preferentially than other products.

  They worked all together for making the key case, and completed it. For those who ordered, please wait a little while until the item arrives.

  We make every single products by hand, thus it takes time to finish, but we done our best with teamwork not to keep our customers waiting as possible.

  We receive some inquiries from foreign customers about our key case, for example, “What is this item?” “How do you use it?”.
  I guess it is actually difficult to tell how to use this at a first glance. We are planning to upload a video to show and explain how to use. We will announce when the video is completed.

  You can find our key case “Bell” mainly at our retail store and Etsy. As I wrote above, it’s very popular so if you have interest about this product, check out our Etsy shop page first before it will be sold out!
  If you need information about our products, please feel free to contact us by email.

  Have a nice day!