Repairing the key case “Bell” 2018.07.17 |  English  | 

  We had an request to repair an item while making the key case.

  This key case “Bell” is made of different type of leather from the current model.(This model is out of production now)
The user told us he’s been using for more than 5 years, the texture of leather had changed very well.

  This time we were requested to repair the hook where the moving part is connected with the ball tip. The connecting place had been degradation over time and got loosen easily. He told us he sometimes dropped his keys from the key case. The hook and ball tip needed to be changed to a new one.

  The leathers had been aged well but the metal pieces cannot be avoided from deteriorate, especially when you have been using long, you can feel it more.

  We both changed the hook and the ring. Now he can use this again without any stress.

  Although it was not in the request, the thread of the strap and the part where we do tripple stitching were also loosen so we re-stitched these places. We felt strongly how long he used this item from the conditon.

  We’re very proud to see the products what we made being a precious item for the users. We repaired conscientious so that he can use more and more in his daily life.

  Caring with oil for the last step. By this process, the leathers get polished and aged which it won’t show easily.

  The deepness shown by using everyday, not for a collection or ornamental, but as a practical item. We accepts repairs to use our items for long. Wherever you felt something strange with your Munekawa item, please feel  free to contact us.