Munekawa on Youtube 2018.7.21 |  English  | 

  Thank you for reading our blog. We’re glad you know about our brand, or if you knew about us just now, wish you enjoy our blog and have interest in our products.

  For those who know our brand, or actually using some items would absolutely know how our products works and what kind of functionality are there. But for people who passed by our retail store coincidentally, or someone who just saw our online store might wonder how the products are used. 

  We have our own Youtube channel and show how the products are and how they are used, to be known from more people about us and what we’re particular about.

  For those who can’t visit our store easily, shopping online would be a good choice but might be still worried or anxiety for purchasing. By watching our channel, we hope to clear those worries even a little bit. And please feel free to contact us when you need any information about the products.

  We’re sorry for some products shown in the YouTube videos has already been out of production. From now on, we are planning to add videos content and article about daily maintenance for leather products, some solutions for how to handle leathers.

  We’d be glad if you close about leather products and our brand Munekawa.