Production of the Leather Pen Case 2018.07.22 |  English  | 

  We changed the display. Every time we do this, it’s a big issue how to show our products more attractively in a limited space without being a mess.

  It’s been really hot for while. How’s everyone doing so far? Even if you stay indoor, you might get heatstroke so please be careful.

  We run our store everyday, if you feel hot staying outside, feel free to visit us and take a break. We’ll welcome you with the air well conditioned.

  At the atelier, the production of leather pen case “U-shape” is on progress.

  You can see two different shapes of leathers, pieces that looks like a frame and the another pieces that looks like a rectangle.

  It looks like a waste piece from die cutting but actually it’s not. It’s something very important, can you guess where it goes?

  When you look at the pen case from the side, it looks like an alphabet U. The piece that looks like a frame goes to the inside curved part of the U. It’s very important part where it attaches with the zipper part.

  By matching many shapes of leathers, we accomplish to create a “slim but big capacity” pen case.


  Another piece of leather is attached with an internal piece of pig leather, and die cut to bring an exact size. At that point, we also die cut for the zipper.

  We make the small handle piece with the same type of leathers.

  When we simply say “a pen case”, we actually combine several pieces together to produce. From die cutting to stitching, be in error by less than 1 millimeter will become a big error after all, so we need to be high concentrated in each process.

  As a result, our leather pen case has been loved by many customers. It’s not easy to create an item that last long in someone’s life but we strive for producing items that would make our customers happy.

Leather pen case “U-shape”

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