About Our Leather Care Items 2018.07.23 |  English  | 

  Our original leather care cloth were out of stock for a long time, but now arrived at the retail store.
  When you treat and care your leather items, it won’t be a big problem to use any soft cloth which thread won’t loose. But if you want to be more particular about leathers, we recommend this item. Our original leather care cloth is specialized to treatment and cares, has enough thickness and we stick with softness of cotton. 
  We also sell leather care cream, and we used to requests of restocking the care cloth from some costumer who wanted to buy together. We’re sorry we couldn’t hand it for them at that time. But now we are prepared for the customers who are looking for leather care items.  If some of you are using our items now, we definitely recommend using our leather cream/oil and cloth. By using our care oil, it will moisturize the material and prevent from drying out and cracking. 
  To make your leather items age to a deeper color and well cleaned, we always say it’s better to use the leather cream every three to six months.
  People might say leather products are inefficient materials, when you feel bothersome to care the leathers regularly, all the more it might be inefficient. However, using a leather item in your daily life and when the leather changed by aging, treated or cared, it gets more soft and will change to a deeper color. One of the best part of leathers would be these changes.
  We think to use an item and maintenance to use for long, it would make your daily life enrich.