About our Coin Purse 2018.07.24 |  English  | 

  We show a leather crane on a display. This crane is made of a leather which is skived very thin. What we think is important in fabrication is, idea and humor. Free ideas will expand our possibilities of creation. As a material, leathers will show us various characteristics by answering to our ideas and creativity.
  At the atelier in Daikoku-cho, the production of coin purse “Undo” has completed. We have two series of this coin purse, one is what you’r seeing in the picture “Undo” which the leather inside color is plain, another is the 
both outside and inside the same color, “Undo 2”. 
  The rounded design and a meek impression, makes the people think they won’t be able to put enough coins inside. But after using it, you’ll realize it actually has enough capacity.
  After using for a while, the leather gets soft and will extend a little bit, and you’ll be able to put many coins there.
We cherish not only the design but also the trait of vegetable tanned leather, and make the design on the premise that changes along the aging.
  We have plenty of storage now in these colors at our store. If you have interests about this product or others, please feel free to visit us.