Products in the Diversified Lifestyle 2018.07.27 |  English  | 

  How does everyone listen yo music recently?


  Nowadays, a way to listen to music has been diversified, not only from a CD but also downloads, streaming services, from YouTube and so on. On the other hand, listening from a phonograph record or a cassette tape is still popular from a certain group of people who likes old fashion or classic stuffs.

  Creation of a new technology doesn’t always mean of declining an old thing. We interpret the new technology can expand our choices matching to lifestyles. And this would mean “diversify” in the end.

  We will propose products that could be used by many people in the diversified and increasing lifestyles.

  Money clip wallet “Carriage”

  Now we often hear that cashless is progressing in this society, indeed there’s many places where we can pay with cards and even with our smartphones.

Card Case “Tuck”

  We are considering to propose an item, or how peolpe can use the item usefully in the cashless society.

 Round Zip Wallet “Border”

  Bi Fold  Wallet with Coins “Feel Coin 2”

  But still there are many places where we need bills or coins on the other hand. And there are some people still likes to pay with cash, and that’s their style.
It would be great to put enough cash and bills in a purse for them, and of course we will meet their needs.

    It’s not as if we have various types of products, but we put ideas to be used in various lifestyles in them. We will produce items what people think it’s nice and useful in their daily life.