Summer will be more fun 2018.07.28 |  English  | 

  Talking about summer in Osaka, is this ice cream.  We had one of these at break time, and was very nice. Everyday it’s hot in Osaka, but there’s many exciting events around here.

  In Kyoto, there was the “Gion festival” the other day. Actually, this Gion festival is held during whole July, so there’s few more days left. It’s known as the Japanese top three festivals, many tourists and local people enjoy the festival.
 And in Osaka where our store and atelier runs, there was a big event “Tenjin festival” on 24th and 25th of July. This is also known as the Japanese top three festivals. We could see young people wearing kimonos, and people carrying an omikoshi (a portable shrine) on their shoulders at local festivals near our shop. We feel the great atmosphere of summer.
  For those who are going to big festivals, or want to separate and use from your main purse during your trip, we recommend this coin and card case “C&C”.
  Combined with a normal coin case on the front side, and a card case on the back side.
  Putting the prepaid train cards like the picture, you can use this item as a pass case. When you are in a crowded place, for example talking about Japan, right after the festival is super crowded at the station. In these situation, it might be stressful when you can’t find you wallet or pass case. This, a pass case(card case) and coin purse are combined, so you can use both of them directly.
  When you are traveling around and going out to town, you might want to bring less. With this, you can put your credit card, or train pass, ID card and your money very compact, which what you might need at a local place. We have Black, Green, Blue, Red, Grege. You can match with your family, or with couples with your favorite color.
  Summer has just started. We will enjoy our summer days, and excited to see you here. Hope everyone will spend their wonderful time!
  Now we have two different types of this item, one is plain colored internal and another is both internal and external the same color. The former is now limited, and after sold out, the selling would be finished. The latter would be the new type. Please feel free to contact us if you need more information.