Canvas and Leather Backpack soon finishes the sale 2018.07.29 |  English  | 

  The canvas and leather backpack “Early BP”, from Munekawa’s popular bag series, will soon finishes the sale due to the design changing. We have just only one left at the store, and that the end of this backpack series.

  canvas and leather backpack “Early BP”

  A lot of people might use backpacks most of the time in their daily life.

  We use canvas to make the backpack light, and also for the design. Usually backpacks are tend to be seen very casual, but for this backpack we decided to use canvas not to be too much casual and gives a chic atmosphere. 

  With a natural texture and  keeping the color low, it has been very popular from both men and women.

  Now the canvas we were using to make this backpack will be finished soon, and so as the exact model of this. We are making making a new model of a backpack, it might take time until completion but please look forward to it.

  Now we have just only one left, beige is the last one. If anyone have interest in this item, this is your final chance! And if you need any information, please contact us.

  The design, shape and materials will be changing, but still we will make products which makes our customers satisfied.