Munekawa Clearance Sales 2018.07.30 |  English  | 

  We’ve been selling some of our products at clearance sales from our website. We make sure to sell the best items some items when we put our products for displays, reluctantly, some get small scratches or the color changes by sun tanned or some small mistakes when making ,and don’t want to sell as usual. We are taking the price down in these items, and sell for whom are interested in our products.(only for people show understandings to the agreement)

  Of course, well the items without any problems in use. And these items in the clearance sales are all one of a kind. Please understand there might be some request we cannot answer for the sales in this case.


  If you have any interests in our products, this might be a good chance to know about us. If you need any information, please feel  free to contact us.

  Thank you and have a nice day!