Enjoying the Time with Leather 2018.07.31 |  English  | 


  How’s everyone doing these days? Here in Japan, the rainy season has passed, but then comes the typhoon. From June (some areas, from May) to September, weather would be unsettle in Japan. If some of you are planning to visit Japan in this season, please be careful the train will be very crowded and easily stops. But I’m sure you can find something wonderful during your trip, please enjoy your time.

  At our shop, the staffs enjoy their morning with a coffee. We always hand brew the coffee. Not like the instant coffee, we take some time to make it but this time is very relaxing and blissful time. We’re not a professional at hand brewing, so how good we can make a coffee depends on that day. Sometimes bad, sometimes good. But we are getting better at this day by day, and we are enjoying this time.

  And we could say some similar things with leathers. Taking time will bring a nice result.


  We did an oil maintenance for a costumer who is using our key case last day. To put oil  on the leather, makes the color more deeper. Especially, the red color looks more elegant than the new one.


  We do oil maintenance for the customer who are using our items for free at our shop. (anytime!)  And we also sell our original leather care oil and leather cloth. If you have some interests about this items, please feel free to contact us.

  Taking time little by little, leathers will change beautifully which you can’t feel from something “instant”. Something you took time for, would be your best item and only in the world.

  Why not enjoy this time and leathers with us?