Focusing on Natural Materials 2018.08.03 |  English  | 

  A sudden rain.

  But soon the sun shows up. Since the weather is unstable in summer, the days we can’t leave our umbrellas at home continues.

  Today is about characters, or  individuality of leathers.

  We’ve already wrote about it before, leathers are made from animal skin. There was a living cow (or a bull), he eats and drink water, might got some scratches, what all he had experienced is on the leather and would be his proof that he was alive.

  For example, you can see some lines or wrinkles on the surface of leathers. Generally, these creases appear from the part of neck and shoulder, around articular.

  These blood vessels (veininess) are also one of the individuals from natural materials.

  Some leather items contains many of these where and which part the craft people use to make an item from a piece of leather.

  You can see these individuals a lot in Munekawa products. These aren’t damages or defects, no problem with the quality. In fact, many people rather like these as an only one and enjoy it’s impressions.

  An identity which you can’t get from a synthetic leather. Characteristics which each leather originally has, will change deeply after a long time of use.
And these Characteristics might be one of the pleasure of using leather items.