Retail Store Limited Item 2018.08.04 |  English  | 

  Thank you for always reading our blog. If this is your first time here, we appreciate you found us.


  We’ve wrote a lot until now, but no ends of topics to write about. It’s our pleasure to introduce our products and what we are particular about in creating items, let us write about a small item today which you can’t find at our online store but just at our retail store.



  That is this leather pencil cap.  Made from the same type of Italian leather like the other products in Munekawa, and has a motif of a feather.


  Nowadays the mainstream of writing would be the pen. Or perhaps would be their finger and a tablet. But I’ve heard there are a lot of fans in using pencils; warmth of a wood. Both leather and wood has an affinity of natural materials, and makes us relaxing by it’s soft impressions.  

  You can also use for a pen if it has the similar thickness.

(Notice: When you buy this item at our store, a pencil is included.)



  The color lineups are same as other products, but only Black,Brown, Blue and Plain are left at the store. We don’t sell these online, so if you’re interested in this item, please contact us to give you information about inventory.


  Some customers buy for this for presents by it’s low price. And how about you ?