New Item on Progress 2018.08.05 |  English  | 

  One of our staff went to see an exhibition of Louis Vuitton at a department store in Umeda, Osaka.(Hankyu department store, Umeda main store)


  I know that any explanations are unnecessary about Louis Vuitton, but you can see and feel their brand concept, traditional and classic techniques, and a craft person from the atelier in France actually demonstrated a skill of creating.

  The products that many people in the world loves for years. The staff who went there, felt the method of manufacturing which won’t change from the past and the high level of the techniques.

  We will engrave in our mind about this even what we make and where our goals are different from them.

  We’re now making several new products, the production of progress status are a bit different in each other but some are almost done. We want to show them as soon as possible, our crafts people are working very hard everyday. Hope to see you soon!

  Making a new thing from scratch isn’t easy but we imagine and create with inspiration from many things.

 Like that well known brand, we will be loved by many people for more than 100 or 200 years, and will make products that are used for long.