Leather shoulder bag “Accept” 2018.8.12 |  English  | 

  The last day of July, at the atelier.

  One of our leather shoulder bag “Accept” production was on progress.

Leather shoulder bag “Accept”

  We use our original Italian natural leather for this bag, and popular for its chic looking. It is a small size, but can put what you need when going out; purse, smartphones and so on.

  We have Black, Brown and Plain for this bag. We had an order from our customer and made Black and Plain for this time.

  Just like the other products, we use a “clicker” to die-cut from a leather.

 After that, stitching the main part of the bag. First, stitching from the back side and then flipping it over.

  When we stitch the leathers, we can’t make a mistake because there would be a hole after the needle, so we need to be very careful when making a product.

  Then making the internal like the main part, and stitching the both part together.

   You can enjoy the original colors of natural leathers. It will be engraved with our brand logo stamp, and matches with the texture of the leather.

  The stitching around the button hole gives a clear impression and also an extra effort not to make the hole loosen or widen. You can feel the differences of the details after long time use.

  Already completed the production, and you can find them only at our store. If you have interests in this bag and need more information, please feel free to contact us.