The Beautiful Aging of Blue 2018.08.14 |  English  | 

One of our customer came to the shop to have his wallet getting oil care. He told us he has been using it for a year and we could see the color was changing deeply.

(Thanks for the photos!)

  Each leather we use for Munekawa products, shows us a characteristic changes of colors, and you can see that the blue will changes significantly with the beautifull deepness.

  If you have any Munekawa products, and when you visit Osaka, please visit us and let us do the oil care for you. It won’t take long (10 min or so), whenever you came nearby, come visit us and we’d like to see your items.

And if you want to try those oil cares by yourselves, we have our original leather oil and cloth.

If you need more information about our items, feel free to contact us!

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