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For Valentine’s day gift


It’s almost Valentine’s day. We’ve made a limited item you can send to your special partner with chocolate, and what you can enjoy with your partner. Valentine’s limited promotion from Munekawa: leather bracelet.


Sharing happiness with your partner, with matching items


The two soft colors; black and brown can be matching gifts for him or her and since it’s an undertone, you can enjoy with various types of fashion.

The length is 45.5cm, a bit long for a bracelet but this is why it fits with both men and women. For women with a thin wrist, you can enjoy another different impression by turning up the excess like a ribbon.


Details of Munekawa


For the dark brown we used a gold buckle and for the black, we used a silver one. We adjusted the leather not to be heavy but luxurious and refined.

It’s our first accessory in Munekawa, you can find it at our retail store, Daimaru department store in Sapporo city and Kobe city.

If you’re looking for a special gift, come see our items and enjoy your day.


Informations about Daimaru department store in Sapporo and Kobe:

Munekawa have started a pop-up store event in the two department stores.

If you come nearby, please feel free to visit. Thank you.


Sapporo Daimaru department store (30th Jan. 2019 – 14th Feb. 2019)

Kobe Daimaru department store  (30th Jan. 2019 – 26th Feb. 2019)