Adopting the Leather Slitting Machine 2018.06.12 |  English  | 

  One day at the atelier in Daikoku-cho, Osaka. We can see our delegate working silently in front of the atelier.

  As you can imagine from the title, we newly adopted a leather slitting machine to make our work efficiently. 

  Attaching a round blade inside this machine and inserting a leather piece, it cuts the leather to a thready pieces. By this excellent machine you can cut these thready pieces a lot in just one time. 

  There’s a roller on the bottom and another roller on the top which you can see the round blade is attached from the picture above.

   Setting the blade between the metal washer at equal spaces. To change the width of the strips of leathers, we can just change the width of the washer that makes it narrow or wide.

  With this we could cut into thready pieces equally. When making the handle of a tote bag or a shoulder strap, the crafts people can work efficiently comparing to cutting the pieces by hand. We haven’t completely adopted yet, but our crafts people are studying the systems and how to apply, to operate as soon as possible.

  The atelier are excited with the new machine to let their work more efficiently. To produce the fixed number of products efficiently with few people, we think it’s very important to consider and decide what  kind of machine we use. We will work hard to use the machine well and supply many items to our customers.