‘Money clip type wallet Carriage’ Mixture of Japanese and Western 2018.6.15 |  English  | 

  What kind of images do you have when you hear a word ‘money clip’?
  We Japanese might think about a simple metal clip which we’ve seen in a movie or a series and people might say they’re not familiar with it.

Money clip wallet ‘Carriage’ (same color external and internal)

  We recommend our Money clip type wallet to those whom never have used a money clip. We designed this product to be compromised as a rough style like clipping the bill with the metal piece in western, and the etiquette of Japanese which enfolding the bills not to be seen from others.

Money clip wallet ‘Carriage’ (different colors for external and internal)

  It has the design of enfolding the bill nor to get wrinkled, and won’t get bulky inside the pocket which is the convenience of the money clip.

  As the leather become soft, this item will be more thin and smooth.

  It has a card pocket which you can put not only the bill but also about 20 cards inside.

  Even the society is mainly cashless these days, there’s a situation which you still need to pay with bills.
A lot of people might think money clips are more used by men, but we recommend our money clip for also for women. In Japan it is said that when women wear kimonos, it is an etiquette to bring bills inside a small purse without a wallet. 

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  When you come to Japan and have a chance to try kimonos, remember our item has variety of colors and fits well with the style. And it’s very comfortable to use a thin wallet through these rainy season to humid summer.

  I’m sure you can satisfy with the item of the good points of Japanese and western, the mixture of old and new culture which produces a better item in the lifestyle of Japan.