Crafting a ‘Rocking mouse’ 2018.6.16 |  English  | 

  You can find a small cute leather mouse in Munekawa.

  Some of these mice stands silently in the Munekawa shop. It might be familiar for people who have came to our shop or have seen in Instagram. We give these rocking mouse for every customers who have bought our item at the store.

  It’s very easy to make this leather piece into a mouse, so this time our web staff (who’s the most clumsy in Munekawa) tried to make without any help.

  Before making into the shape looks like this. It looks like a stingray rather than a mouse, isn’t it?

  To make the leather more flexible, put it in the water for 20〜40 seconds.The picture above is dipped in the water for about 40 seconds.

  After you’re all prepared, fold the leather in half.

  Then make a dent between the ears a little bit to raise the ears.

  After that hold the lower part of the tail and pull its nose up. That’ll make this mouse facing up.

  Finally, bend or twist the tail to make the shape anyway you like. And that’s it! Easy, right?

  For me, it was very easy. When you fold the leather in half, try folding it a bit loosely so that it will stand by itself. If you fold it too tight, it won’t.

  These materials of Rocking Mouse are made from a piece of coin purse ‘Undo’ which the coin pocket is cut in a circle. It’s important to use the leather without wasting but also feel our playful and familiarity of leather products.
If you get one of these mouse, please try making it!

  We all welcome you when you visit Osaka, Japan and hope to see you soon!