2018.06.17 |   | 

Father’s Day, Moving your dad’s heart

  We’ve completely closed  the secondary reservations of Father’ day campaign from our web site. And today, 17th June is Father’s day in Japan, we hope everyone will have a wonderful time.

   As a result, we’ve had taken reservations more than we expected, hope that each customers found what they imagined for a present they will give. We appreciate for all the reservations. 

  From the day we closed the first reservation, we posted some photos in Instagram that we still had few of the  father’s day key holder at the store. And some customers came to buy it, as they’ve seen the post about our campaign.

 Some of our dads say they ‘don’t need a present, it’s the thoughts that counts.’ But if you’ve had chosen for your dad and that’s the only one, I’m sure he will be proud of you.


  Again we hope everyone will have a wonderful day with a special gift!