Our brand new pass case ‘Slice’ 2018.6.18 |  English  | 

  Thank you for always shopping at Munekawa. We can feel many people likes our product which fits into their lifestyle.

  This time we added two new products in our lineup, and let us introduce one of them today.


  This is the pass case ‘Slice‘. 

  We focused on chipping off an excess of functions and designs, and hold the thickness to 2 mm.

  In Munekawa there’s a long wallet series ‘Thin’ and ‘Thin 2’ which is specialized for functionality and the minimum design that also keeps the thinness. In these series, it comes with an additional thin card case.

 The pass case ‘Slice’ was made from the request of many customer’s voice “Isn’t there any pass case just like this thin?” 

  Its characteristic is this notch in the bottom.

  As you can see from the picture, you can push the cards up from the notch and take the cards easily and smooth.
You can put 10 name cards, or 5 plastic cards while keeping it thin.

  We put a plain logo stamps so that it makes the design simple and the color of red and greige would be easier for men to use.

  We also kept the price low which is very nice to purchase with something else or selecting as a gift.

  As we wrote before, this item was originally made from a customer’s voice and got some inspirations. We wanted our customers find this item and hope to be used soon.

  From 16th July, we will launch this new item at the retail store, online store, and you can also check at Etsy. Click the photo below to go see our shop in Etsy.