Making the ‘Encase’ Awarded in 2017 2018.6.22 |  English  | 

  One scene from today’s Munekawa retail store in Osaka. Can you guess what this crane is made from? Usually these folding crafts are made from papers, but this crane is made by a leather. If the leather is splitted into a very thin piece, you can actually make such things.
  A leather crane full with sensitive techniques which is necessary for working with leathers. If you have a chance to come to our shop, please have a look.


  As you might know, we added 2 new items in our line up the last day, ‘tuck’ and ‘slice’.

card case ‘tuck’

pass case ‘slice’

   You can check these items from our Etsy shop, and the retail store, if you have interest please check out these items. Click either ‘tuck’ or ‘slice’ you can check our Etsy shop page.

  We are also keep making the conventional products, and this envelope wallet ‘Encase’ is one of them which was awarded at a selection of ‘hospitality items’ in Japan, 2017.

Envelope wallet ‘Encase’

  This product is one of the popular and familiar item in Munekawa. Making to a shape of an envelope without  any metal parts, it finishes to a thin design.

  This Encase is made by its concept ‘enfold neatly like an envelope’ just like the name.
We imagined the texture as a soft and gentle cloths or a paper.

  We look for a place which fits the image for the product from one piece of the leather. When the Encase is completed, we will stock at our store, if you come to Osaka visit us and please feel the texture of the leather and the products.

If you have an interest in Encase, click the picture above to go to Etsy page and see the item.