The spirit of being thorough 2018.6.23 |  English  | 

   There was an earth quake of M5.9 at the north area of Osaka on 18th June in the morning.
People living near might still feel anxiety and inconvenience who had suffered from the earth quake.

  Osaka-Nishi ku (South district) where our retail store locates, was affected not a little, but thankfully we are running the store normally as usual.

And this time, we received many messages from a lot of our customers and the client. We feel strongly that our brand Munekawa is supported by many people, and we want to appreciate everyone who had worried about us.

  We need to be aware of other big earth quakes or an aftershock, and exert ourselves to make the store being upon which to rely including when it is an emergency.

  We changed the catchphrase outside the shop. When a new customer come to our store, many people take photos of this. I feel we can take small communications by it, and be proud of making our customers happy.

  We welcome our guests and want to make them happy even if the days were kind of hard. Of course we accepts orders 24 hours online.

  And today, let us notice we have an outlet mall of Munekawa products.  We sell our products on the outlet mall which has slight damage on on the surface, but these are an unavoidably damages through processing, or the color changing while displaying. Properly speaking, it would be a domestic sales but just to notice our kindly readers.

Thank you.