Repairing the Round Zip Wallet 2018.06.24 |  English  | 

  We had an request to repair the round zip wallet from a customer the last day. He showed us our product with the zip part ripped.

Round zip wallet ‘Border’

  Basically when you open this zip wallet, it has a wide opening and you can put a lot inside. It is a classic standard design but we kept in mind to make it thin, so that it won’t take place inside your bag and bother you.
We use an Italian genuine leather fully in this product, you can feel the aging and the texture directly from it. If you are a fan of leather item, I’m sure you’ll like it.

  The long you use, the long you can enjoy its changings and the texture of the leather, but has has risks of malfunction at stitching, buttons or zip.

  So, this time one of our craftsperson work for repairing the zip part. 

  First, he took out the internal from the external to change the zip part.
  After changing it, put the internal and external back and join together. Here, we put needles to keep the holes being in the same place and avoid making a gap.


  And it’s finished. Also, doing oil maintenance periodically once in three months, keeps the leather moisturize and  makes the depths of the color.

If you are using Munekawa products and have some trouble with stitching, buttons or zip, please feel free to contact us.