Pen case from Munekawa 2018.06.29 |  English  | 

  One of the popular series which some customers tell us “I’m a big fan of this convenience”, “my friend says it’s very nice”, are our pen cases.

   People who likes leather products, stationery goods, or a fan of leathers and stationery, thankfully, has interests in our leather pen case. Especially, we hear that they had wanted it for long from they’ve seen at the display. We’re glad to hear that, and it’s very encouraging. There are 3 different pen cases in Munekawa.

Arch Pen M 

You can put 2 to 3 pens inside. To make use of the original texture of leather, me make the design very simple.


Arch Pen S

  This is much smaller than Arch pen M, used for putting a special pen like fountain pen, just for only one. Very simple and minimum, but for people who wants to carry something genuine.

Full leather pen case U-shape

  A novel design with the “U” shaped curve. Combining to the three dimensional shape with the resilient and thickness of leathers, you can put many stationeries inside. If you like stationery goods, you should definitely check this.

 When you actually used this, we’re sure you can satisfy with its capacities. Pencils, stick glue, pen, ruler… The common point in the stationeries are that they have some kind of warmth inside the inorganic material while it is useful on the other hand.

  Similarly, we can feel the warmth from the aging or changes of leather pen cases when you use for long time.

  Why not have a look our pen cases? Add a little bit of wealth in your daily life.

  If you’d like to see more about this full leather pen case U-shape, please check our Etsy shop page (click the photo below to open our shop page at Etsy) or feel free to contact us.